British Expats On Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca Fear The Worst As They Say Enough Is Enough

British ex-pats on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca fear the worst as they say enough is enough now as towns remain desolate

As further and further restrictions are applied on both Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca British ex-pats are totally fed up and saying “enough is enough” as the areas they trade are literally ghost towns in the sun.

One of those areas of Spain’s Costa del Sol, that thrives off summer tourism is Mijas Pueblo, in normal circumstances thousands each day flock by the coach load to the Spanish whitewashed town, but now on a Sunday afternoon at the height of the season, there’s more chance of seeing a ghost than a tourist as waiters sit outside restaurants close to tears, holding their heads in their hands whilst their owners sit and think about the thousands of euro’s missed out this year and fear the worst for winter as it looms.

Dormant Mijas On A Sunday Afternoon In Peak Season


“Mijas Pueblo, today, 3.30 pm the last Sunday of August 2020. Deserted. A ghost town. Waiters wringing their hands near to tears. Tell me how 4% of hospital bed occupancy justifies this? Tell me how we are ever going to pull back from this if it goes on any longer? How can people make it through the winter without having had a summer season? Enough is enough!” questioned one business owner in the area as she expressed her concerns.
Another popular restaurant owner who appeared on the British TV Show “A New Life In The Sun”  revealed how on a Saturday night they served just two diners all evening.
It was only two weeks ago the British community of ex-pats buried their heads in the sand as media word spread of further restrictions, citing it as “fake news” and not wanting to believe but now as further and further restrictions as revealed take hold each day, the question is on everyone’s lips is where will it end as winter looms?
“I didn’t want to believe but now I’m thinking again and questioning the Spanish government,”  Denise Ripon told Global247news “what on earth is coming next? people talk about another lockdown, but in reality, we are already in one really, regulations everywhere and dormant towns and businesses, the only thing, in reality, is that we aren’t behind closed doors”
” I didn’t see this coming when the restrictions were lifted, as so I brought my staff back off the ERTE scheme as things looked on the up and the government clearly gave that impression they were, now I have no custom at all and staff to pay due to all the new restrictions”
“It’s now becoming a nightmare – not just for me but every ex-pat business on the Costa del Sol, it’s as if nobody cares as at least 2 businesses close everyday saddled in debt” she finished.
Further down the coast on the Costa Blanca, especially in the Benidorm region, the situation appears even worse, with demonstrators taking to the streets yesterday to complain about all the regulations that are literally killing off British ex-pat businesses, despite the demonstrations though, businesses in Murcia were today hit with yet another blow, as more confusing restrictions hit them as social party numbers were lowered now just to 6.
“We fear the worst now as the summer season comes to end, so many British owned businesses are packing up, closing down and just heading home, enough is enough for many now, no future in sight at all, here in Benidorm, we have no high rates of infections but continue to get hammered with fines and restrictions on nearly a daily basis, a pal of mine through a Danish lad out his bar the other night for not wearing a face mask, he went and complained to the police, the police returned to the bar, agreed that my pal had done the right thing but asked for his complaints book, he couldn’t put his hands on it, so got fined 200 euros anyway for that! – you just can’t win here anymore” said business owner Kevin Davies.
All along the coast of Spain, business owners feel trapped as more and more regulations are applied and there clearly remains no indications of what the future holds for them as the government only offer “no comment” when requested.

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