Assisted dying could be legalised in the next four years in the UK

According to the politician in charge of looking into whether the law should change, on assisted dying, the law could change within the next four years.

Andrew Mitchell, the newly appointed co-chair of the all-party parliamentary group for choice at the end of life, says he believes a law giving someone the right to an assisted death could be passed before the end of this parliament in 2024.

The leading Tory MP has told Sky News he believes there is growing support among MPs for a change in the law that would give choice to people who are nearing the end of their lives.

In previous years, parliament has always voted against assisted dying, however it has been stressed that if the law does change, then it will be in very specific cases.

He said:‘We need to make clear that we are not looking here for a massive change. We are looking for very, very tight reform.

‘I think that given the very limited nature of these proposals; that it would be for someone who is within six months of the end of their life, with very strong safeguards, the decision being made by a High Court judge, by two doctors – I think those limited proposals may command the support of parliament in the next four years.’

‘People who fear the thin end of the wedge, slippery slope argument can be reassured and they can be reassured on this count: that once parliament passes a very limited law, they would have to go back to parliament to get that law changed.

‘The legislation would be tight, it would be clear and it would be agreed by MPs. Members of the House of Commons don’t want there to be a slippery slope on this legislation either.’

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