Leaked report claims serial killer could be responsible for multiple murders

In a confidential report leaked to the press it claims that a serial killer could well have been responsible for the multiple murders of pensioners.

It is claimed to raise concerns that two double murders in Wilmslow, Cheshire could have been from a man unknown to the police as yet.

The two double killings happened only 2 miles apart, in 1996 and 1999 and it was thought at the time that the husbands were responsible, first killing their wives then themselves.

However, using modern techniques to re-examine the cases it now looks highly likely that they were, in fact, double murders. After the report was handed to Cheshire police last month, they have said they are now undergoing a complete review of the findings.

Also, they have said that they are in connection with police forces from Greater Manchester and Cumbria where other killings have taken place. The 179 page report is quoted as saying that “this individual will not stop killing until someone or something stops him”.

It also calls for investigations both in Britain and Europe to be undertaken as some of these murders could be related. The double deaths of Howard and Bea Ainsworth and Donald and Auriel Ward were firstly considered as murder-suicides.

Both couples were discovered in their nightclothes on beds covered in blood. A Cheshire police spokesman said that “as with any case that has been closed, where new information comes to light it is reviewed and acted upon if appropriate. We have notified Greater Manchester Police and Cumbria constabulary.”

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