Two drunk Brits thrown off Spain flight for refusing to wear masks

Two British nationals were arrested at Madrid Airport following the incident and are now facing fines for refusing to wear a facemask and possible public disorder.

Passengers say the two men, who were allegedly drunk, caused distress by repeatedly walking up and down the aisle with their masks around their necks, waving.

A video of the incident – which has travelled widely around Spanish media – sees three air stewards walking down the aisle of the packed plane to speak to two men.

Fellow passengers said the men had been making a nuisance of themselves and walking up and down the plane without masks.

One passenger said: “Some of the passengers asked to be separated or to be seated in another place.”

Face masks are mandatory on flights to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to passengers, the two men were repeatedly asked to put theirs on by the steward – as well as the pilot, who left the cockpit to talk to them – but they refused.

The flight from Tenerife to Madrid was operated by Iberia who alerted the Civil Guard as they approached the Spanish capital.

Police were waiting at the airport in Madrid where both men were escorted off.

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