Pedro Sanchez On holiday

Spanish Prime Minister has cut his holiday short as Spain’s Coronavirus figures continue to spiral

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has made a mercy dash back to Madrid cutting his holiday short as his countries COVID-19 figures lead Europe with the highest rate of infections.

Sanchez cut short his planned holiday by 3 days to get back on duty in Madrid and start further planning in how to contain the deadly virus once again raging through Spain.

It’s clearly now very worrying for the Prime Minister who has to address the situation quickly as the country of Spain sits on the verge of financial doom as other Countries deem it unsafe to travel to, with millions avoiding entry to Spain.

Spain has been devastated financially since the start of the pandemic with the government declaring the State Of Emergency and thereafter having to impose further restrictions as well as face other world leaders impose sanctions on Spain.

Businesses are going “belly up” every day in an alarming rate in Spain and September is the crucial month for the Country as schools are set to return and the ending of the ERTE payment scheme for all the millions out of work, due to end at September.

The only way so far Spain has brought infection numbers down, was the way of a total lockdown in March, apart from that nothing else has appeared to work and it’s been reported that the 18th of September might be the date set to decide to go backwards and level further restrictions further as they previously were, although Sanchez would need to get the motions passed through congress, where due to the financial state of the Country may see resistance from the opposition leaders.

Spain has prior to the reported 18th September date, set heavy restrictions already into regions, that have seen night clubs and discotheques closed down, smoking in public places banned and bars and restaurants set further regulations, although it appears these are not working as the numbers of infections continue to spiral.

The government have been very tight-lipped when questioned by the media only coming back with “no comment” when questioned on their potential plans.

Although Health minister Fernandes Simón firstly stating the date was a “hoax” to the Spanish media, it appears far from it as the date comes closer and  Spain’snumbers lead Europe in infection rates and this week he announced that it is a serious concern.

Simón’s credibility has nose dived in Spain, with thousands calling for him to resign after he was caught by the Spanish media in Portugal, days after advising Spanish citizens not to travel.

Meanwhile,  In the Balearic Islands, the Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez, has warned that the health system is being stressed and that she will have no hesitation in applying even harder regulations if required.

The PM will meet with fellow ministers next week to plan of what action to take next in the losing battle.


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