Landlords suffer British Expat Tenants from HELL on Spain's Costa Blanca

British ex-pat tenants on Spain’s Costa Blanca become the tenants from HELL

Landlady Lesley Van Havere originally from Belgium but now residing on Spain’s Costa Blanca has had a nightmare with a British couple who rented an apartment from her since September 2019.

After suffering so much hassle from the British ex-pats, and 5000 euros out of pocket in non-payments allegedly, she took to social media to warn others as the tenants from hell finally moved out after they were cut off from supplies.

Lesley warned: “Beware of Cheryl Webster and Dell Day, one year ago they were in our apartment, they have not paid rent since September. They come across nice in the beginning, then payments only drip in once in a while with different excuses about pension etc. Then payments stop- A total of almost 5000 they owe us -when our solicitor sent them a letter end of January they said we need a court order or they wouldn’t move.”

“They finally left because Iberdrola cut them off because they had a 450 euro debt, and then they leave it in this state everything was brand new, Its heartbreaking.”
“How people can live like this is beyond me – Absolutely disgusting- They have also stolen things from the property”
Tenants From Hell

As the relieved landlady and her husband now prepare to fully clean and renovate their apartment, husband Simpie said of the British couple:” never met such low lives dirty people like them ” as images of the dirt and damage left behind appeared on social media of the squalor left behind.

GRIME covered toaster

The total filth of the apartment was totally shocking for users of Facebook locally on Spain’s Costa Blanca



Locals were aghast at the pure filth left behind by the tenants from hell, as Peter Lloyd told Global247news:

“Who on earth can live like that? – what filthy pigs, look at the state of it, owing money and lying through your teeth is one thing but to live like that and then have the audacity to leave the landlords premises in that mess as well as 5 grand out of pocket questions my belief in society, it’s like the house of grime!”

Ripped furniture after just twelve months use

Furniture throughout the apartment that was brand new just twelve months ago, sits in tatters through each room.

Despite this grime and ruin, whilst owing 5,000 euros the dirty tenants took to social media to defend themselves before removing their defense hastily, they had said before the removal, the old chestnut of “We can’t comment as we are talking with Solicitors”

Although Mandy Donavon from Ilford, London came forward who knows Cheryl from her hometown to tell Global247news ” I was horrified to see the pictures but not surprised – but she’s always been a filthy person when she lived her, I hadn’t realized she was in Spain now, but I warn every landlord out there, stay well clear, she’s disgusting and will never look after anything, she was exactly the same in Ilford”

Meanwhile, Husband Dell Day continues to advertise ironically as a window cleaner, despite being publicly shamed in the region

Dell Day Advert

Dell’s advertisement states “Expertly cleaned” whilst describing himself as reliable, which forced Stephen Highfield to comment:

“Clearly he doesn’t know the word clean looking at those images and I doubt his landlord agrees he’s reliable!”

Window cleaners idea of clean


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