British lockdown

Senior official warns Britain is heading for a second full lockdown if it sees a rise in cases as in Spain

A senior official warned last night that if Britain continues to follow Spain with a second wave and rise of infections it could end up back in a full lockdown position.

He warned more nationwide measures could be introduced in an attempt to beat off the Coronavirus.

The R rate has now crept over 1 for the first time since lockdown restrictions were lifted in July.

According to senior officials last night, local outbreaks could skew the reproduction number which needs to stay below one rating to avoid another national lockdown.

Officials at Whitehall are also watching with interest and keen to avoid a situation as in Spain, where 142 cases per 1oo,ooo citizens is the highest rate in Europe of growing infections.

It’s reported that a senior government official told the Daily Telegraph: “If it doesn’t get contained it may be somethings that have been open, you need to think about whether measures need to be taken to reverse things”

“If it moves in the direction as in Spain, then clearly you can see what’s happening there, and in France, people are making more nationwide measures”

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