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Beach items unattended if you go for a swim will be removed as beach patrols ordered to remove in Spain’s Nerja

The Councilor for Beaches of the Nerja City Council, María del Carmen López, has instructed the removal of things such as chairs, umbrellas, tables, bags or mosquito nets place on the sand without the physical presence of an owner. She also expressly prohibited the reserving of space on the beaches in the region.

Under the new regulation, the beach patrols are authorized to confiscate them, as specified by the councillor in a statement, while adding that it involves a modification of the Municipality’s Beaches Contingency Plan against COVID-19, to which it is incorporated to ensure compliance with security measures during the health crisis situation, especially with regard to gauging and distancing.

Quote from María del Carmen López: “We are receiving numerous complaints from neighbours and visitors regarding the reservation of space on the beaches, a reality that is becoming an unfair and irresponsible practice by some users of the beaches, in this way it becomes more difficult to maintain a calculation of real capacity of the beaches and makes the control work of our guards very difficult “.

Locals are though up in arms over the latest regulation to be placed upon them, Mary Wilson who resides in the town called it ludicrous as she told Global247news: “How ludicrous, how bloody stupid, where do they dream up these pathetic regulations? – I go for a morning swim every day, whatever the weather and now they say they will take away my laid out towel, It’s dangerous too as I use it as a marker when out swimming”

”  Spain’s gone mad” she stormed,

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