UPDATE Incl Video: Three people dead following train derailment in Scotland

Following our report last week on the train derailment in Scotland, the initial report from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) states that the train was traveling under the maximum of 75mph allowed on that stretch of line.

It managed to reach the speed of 72.8mph after being halted by a signaler just after Carmont near Stonehaven due to a landslip being reported ahead of it said the RAIB.

After discussion, it was decided that the train should move on to Stonehaven and, at 9.25am, it started the journey North. The report stated that after reaching a speed of 72.8mph it struck a landslide on the downside of the line and derailed at about 9.38am.

The RAIB is collecting evidence needed to identify factors relevant to the cause of the accident and its consequences.

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