Spain's Health minister

Fernando Simón minister for Spain’s emergency health issues states its “not going very well”

As Spain continues to battle a second wave of the Coronavirus the minister for health emergencies has admitted it’s not going very well as the virus continues to spread and the infection and death figures rise.

As the country once again starts to install new regulations with Madrid being the latest to be delivered new restrictions as of midnight last night, Simón is feeling the pressure mount.

The minister who recently claimed that new restrictions were a “hoax” when leaked in the Spanish media, days before extra restrictions were then placed on many regions in Spain such as the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca is now sanctioning further restrictions in a battle against the deadly virus.

The minister has made many “gaffs” of late, as well as calling restrictions a hoax, he was also caught out by the media on holiday in Portugal surfing after advising the nation not to travel.

When he was captured at a beach shack, unmasked holding a surfboard he was alleged to have told reporters ” I didn’t think I would be recognised here”

The comment also came after the health minister in Andalucia stated at a press conference that he would “close down” areas with no hesitation if infections could not be traced.

Meanwhile, the big question on everyone’s lips in Spain now is, will the schools return after all? -The Government and the Autonomous Communities have agreed to meet on Thursday, August 27 to discuss plans for students going back to school.

Confidence in the health minister for Spain is dwindling at a rapid pace as he appears to constantly contradict himself in his press statements and personal actions.

Kevin Mcallister is one of those who has lost total faith, as he told Global247news from his home in La Cala hills:

” I’ve stopped listening to him totally if it was a football match we would be singing “you don’t know what you’re doing” – one minute he’s saying everything is fine and the next he’s now saying, things are not going very well as Spain once again leads Europe for the highest rate of infections!”

“All these new restrictions are now in place after he said they wouldn’t and called them a hoax – were they really?” Kevin questioned.

Mcallister went onto say ” Some of the new restrictions are crazy too, uncontrollable and badly thought out, take the smoking regulations as just one example, the only way so far Spain has stemmed the spread was by way of a lockdown, that’s a fact and personally I think that is what will happen” he said.

“You watch the ERTE will be extended next!” he finished.

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