Benidorm Town Hall

The town hall in Spain’s Benidorm wishes to reclaim land back on the Costa Blanca

Benidorm Town Hall donated 5,000 square meters of land for a new police station to be built in Benidorm but as the station has not been built the local Town Hall is calling for the land to be returned.

The land was donated back in 2015 but nothing ever came to fruition and  Benidorm’s Urban Development councillor Lourdes Caselles recently revealed to the Spanish media that the town hall has asked the Ministry of the Interior to return the land. 

The Ministry had promised to build new police station and within 12 months Benidorm town hall completed the formalities for donating a 5,000-square metre plot in front of the Benidorm courts buildings.

We have been waiting for a reply ever since,” the councillor  was quoted as saying before further adding:

“The town hall still hopes to build new Policia Nacional station but has no intention of losing the land in the meantime,” 

Local residents are in agreement with the Councillor as Geoff Withers who has watched the proceedings develop carefully in the town said:

“I wholeheartedly agree, the station was never developed even after the land was donated – it should rightfully be returned”

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