Facebook wind up merchant retires

A notorious Facebook wind up merchant has called it a day winding up people on Facebook and has confessed all as he retires to Spain’s Costa del Sol as he says it’s no fun anymore

Facebook user Freddie Thornton has retired from Facebook after nearly a 15-year stint of some classic wind-ups that have at times caused mayhem on the social media channel that went as far as seeing protests organised.

Global247news spoke with the wind-up merchant this morning as he arrived on Spain’s Costa del Sol to set up home and a new life.

Freddie, originally from Pontyclun in South Wales, has spent a decade moving around the UK with his work as a car mechanic and recovery truck operator and whilst he did wound up millions of Facebook users.

Freddie told us:

“I’ve always enjoyed a wind-up right back to my school days but when Facebook came along I couldn’t resist, it was just too easy,” he said

“Although my days are over now as it’s all got too serious as Facebook has changed, it used to be a fun place to go and have a laugh with your friends but it’s all got very serious now as well as abusive on times, but I have had years of fun”

Freddie reveals how he used to join local area Facebook groups as he travelled the country and whilst working night shifts on his recovery truck had plenty of time to go “fishing” as he calls it.

” You could get so many bites, with the same theme, some would spark off thousands and thousands, horse owners were the biggest biters of them all in general” he revealed

” All you had to do is go in a Facebook group and moan that you had just trodden in horse muck and ask why horse riders don’t scoop poop like dog owners and off it would go! –  you would get hundreds on it straight away arguing for and against, once they started biting I would request them to pay for the damage to my £800 designer shoes and off it would go again into meltdown. That was one of my favourites, the reactions were hilarious, other times when it was winter I would state I was wearing expensive flip flops, that sparked off many too when horse riders argued that they just couldn’t get off their horse to scoop their poop I would suggest they have their horse wear a nappy!”

“Horse owners really do bite quickly and I played that out nationwide” Freddie confessed

Freddie further went on to tell of his favourite ones ever, especially on his home town of Pontyclun in South Wales.

” I love Pontyclun, it’s my home town and I know they like a laugh, so one night I was working in Plymouth and thought what could I do to catch the bites, there’s a motorway bridge that links Rhonda Cynon Taff county to the Vale of Glamorgan which is regarded the more upmarket, although to travel between the two you had to use the motorway bridge unless you went through very narrow country lanes, so I went in both areas Facebook groups and said that a toll booth was being installed on the bridge to help with its maintenance by the local council. I’d heard the charge was to be 20 pence, it caused chaos, absolute mayhem from both sides, it was a screamer that one – went on for days, I did set up a mate who said he worked for the council and he confirmed it” it wasn’t my biggest one but it made me laugh the most as I knew so many of those commenting, also I have a friend who owned a petrol station the other side of the bridge in Ystradowen, I posted he had the plans available to see, he’s never seen so many pull up on his forecourt! – I really nailed him” he laughed.

Freddie then made another confession of what he called a cracker on the residents of Yeovil Somerset, that nearly saw people chained to a war memorial.

” It started off again with horse poo but led to something else, I fluked it a little too, I said the council were concerned about how horse poo would affect the “New Tram System” being installed in the town and it snowballed, the town years before had actually drawn up plans for a tram system and somebody posted the link – this led to loads asking how the council could afford it especially as two weeks prior they had been in the press moaning about lack of finances, so I posted that the council were selling the war memorial that sits in the borough of the town to the Major of New York who saw it on a recent visit to Yeovil’s church, and the funds were paying for the tram system as the Major was paying millions of pounds, it went mental, when locals asked how they could pay their respects, it went even further, I posted people from Yeovil would have subsidised flights from Bristol airport to NYC and could see the memorial on 44th Manhattan – a woman started really kicking off and started a protest group who were going to chain themselves to the memorial, they really panicked as at the time the council were doing some work on the memorial and the residents were thinking it was being removed!”

Freddie though feels Facebook has changed and his hanging up his fishing rod and keyboard, bringing relief to a few who have been caught out ” It’s time to stop now Facebook has changed, I’ve just arrived here to Spain and now it’s time to call it a day” he finished

Schoolteacher Gareth Hughes commented on how he was relieved:

“He’s a bugger, he really is, he’s caught me a few times when in Andover I stormed into a travel agent as I thought my holiday was cancelled and another time I called my football club as apparently I was banned with others for standing and cheering a goal, although I did laugh of the wind-ups on others – I ended up following them, shame he’s retiring really  but will he?”

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