Hotel Sisu on fire Marbella

Hotel goes up in smoke on Spain’s Costa del Sol as tourism dies in Marbella

The hotel Sisu burnt to the ground this morning in Spain’s Marbella on the Costa del Sol as fire services battled the raging inferno.

It’s reported locally that 15 persons have been taken to hospital with smoke inhalation and the small number of guests evacuated from the blazing hotel.

As the fire has now been extinguished fire officers will start to investigate what the cause of the fire was but locals in Marbella are already forming their own opinions of the cause of the blaze that has brought the hotel to the ground.

The hotel allegedly owned by the Belgium mafia has according to locals a chequered past of ownership before being taken over by those owed large amounts of money.

The hotel had turned into a theme hotel offering large suites for large party bookings and has suffered like all hotels in the region since the State Of Emergency and the travel restrictions thereafter placed on Spain seriously affecting tourism on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Adam Nunne a resident ex-pat in Marbella called Global247news with his thoughts as the fire raged in the town, he said:

“Ironic a hotel burns down at the end of the season, it’s going to be interesting to see what develops from the investigation of the cause of the fire that’s for sure”

“I’ve worked in many hotels and they don’t normally burn like that, hotel fires can normally be contained, I will bet on “foul play” somewhere, that hotel itself has a history, I went there once to fix a PA system and the owner was marched out by men in sunglasses and earpieces, then he wasn’t seen for months and the hotel came under Belgium ownership, the staff at the time said the owner had borrowed millions and had to hand the hotel over” Nunne finished.

“Bet that’s an inside job,” said Mick Browning of Estepona, “Hotels are financially ruined around here- funny how they no catch fire, looks professional arson to me, they will probably get away with it, that’s my opinion anyway”

Whilst residents in Spain’s Marbella offer their thoughts of the actual cause of the hotel burning to the ground, fire chief examiners will have a lengthy investigation to the cause on their hands as much of the hotel has been destroyed due to the intensity of the blaze however it was caused.


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