Television stars urge members of the public to check for signs of cancer

Television celebrities Bill Turnbull and Linda Nolan are among a host of celebrities that are currently battling cancer and who have now teamed up with the NHS to get the message across to members of the public how important it is that they come forward for regular check ups.

The plea from them comes as people are apparently not going for important checks due to the corona virus pandemic. Records from the past show that when a celebrity is diagnosed with the dreaded disease, more people tend to come forward for referrals.

In a survey nearly half of the people said that they had concerns about contacting GP’s, whilst 1 in 10 said that, even if they found a lump, they would not want to bother their doctor with it during these troubling times.

Both Linda and her sister Anne are currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Linda said in a statement that “It’s so important people get checked out when they need to. Cancer doesn’t wait, and timing is everything.

It might be the very thing that makes all the difference.” Former BBC Breakfast star Turnbull first talked about his diagnosis in 2018, which led to a 36% jump in people being referred for prostate cancer, and it is now the most common cancer in the country.

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