Spain's Andalusia Junta calls residents irresponsible and will impose strict measures 'no matter how painful'

Andalusia President Juanma Moreno says that the Covid-19 virus is ‘far from over’ and would impose more restrictions.

Moreno did say that the region is not as bad as the likes of Catalonia and Madrid but asked people to ‘be responsible.’

This includes social distancing, wearing face masks and complying with the law and orders from authorities.

However, Moreno said he would not hesitate to impose more rigid restrictions ‘whatever they are and however painful they are.’

“It’s clear that the cases of Covid has multiplied particularly in Almeria”, Moreno said this Thursday.

“We knew that it could happen with the movement of people, which has come with some irresponsible behaviour.”

President Moreno pleaded with the people of Andalusia to be responsible and vigilant so that they could move through the emergency together.

Andalusia had 578 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday which is steadily on the rise.

Malaga province made up 183 of those and now leads the pack as the province with the most cases since the pandemic started in February 2020.

Almeira, however, has the most patients in intensive care with 14 people being treated there and 69 current hospitalisations.

Huelva, near the Portugal border, is the least affected area with one patient in intensive care and seven people in total in hospital currently.


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