President Trump says most violent American cities are 'Democrat-run'

The President said in a press conference this week that most of America is ‘well-run’ except Democratic cities.

The country’s biggest cities saw violent unrest this summer, including Minneapolis. Since June 23, the president has repeatedly linked violence to cities run by Democrats.

“You hear about certain places like Chicago and you hear about what’s going on in Detroit and other, other cities, all Democrat run,” Trump said. “Every one of them is Democrat-run. Twenty out of 20. The 20 worst, the 20 most dangerous are Democrat-run.”

The President also said that those citizens arrested for helping to destroy these cities would spend ‘a long time in prison.’

The President called the worst of the violence belonging to ‘the radical left such as New York and Portland.’

Since the death of George Floyd at the end of May, stats show that homicides are up 37%, aggravated assaults are up 35%
and commercial burglaries are up 200%.

Trump said he sent federal agents in and made arrests in cities such as Kansas City, St Louis, Minneapolis, Portland, New York, Chicago and Albuquerque.

Trump was endorsed by the New York Police Department this week also.

And Trump wrote on his Twitter account last month about the cities: “Never in history have Police been treated so badly as they are in Democrat-run cities – and these cities are a mess. Police must take a stronger stand with the Radical Left politicians that are treating them so badly, and so disrespectfully!!!”

He repeatedly defied the calls to defund the police, stressing that he stands strongly against that, and suggesting that people behind the idea are “crazy.”

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