Oxfordshire Father is jailed for the "sadistic" and brutal punishment of his children

A 54 year old father of two children from the Oxfordshire area has been imprisoned after subjecting them to what can only be described as a “brutal and sadistic” punishment regime, both physical and mental.

Shane O’Brien, in one of many incidents covering a 2 year period, made his daughter write “I am a liar, I am a stealer” 1000 times. O’Brien’s terrifying reign of abuse also included pouring vinegar in to open wounds, beatings and head shavings, which his children said made them feel like “animals”.

His children, who are now adults, said that their father would make them hold up placards saying they were liars and had undergone many beatings with both a belt and a whip. Alexandra Bull, prosecutor, said that his heinous crimes took place between July 2014 and December 2016 and that they involved physical and emotional abuse, neglect and sadistic punishment.

Things got so bad for the children that they started to self-harm but even this was not free from punishment as their father used to pour vinegar into the wounds to teach them not to do it again.

During an interview with the police, O;Brien called his son a “manipulative and pathological liar” however, both himself and his partner Denise O’Brien, the children;s step-mother, admitted their roles in the offenses.

Nigel Daly, the judge presiding over the court case, stated that the cruelty involved was both “gratuitous degradation” with “significant force used” and sentenced Mr O’Brien to 26 months in prison while his wife received an 8 month jail term, suspended for 18 months after Mr Daly said that it was terrible that she had just “turned a blind eye” to what was happening. She must also do 150 hours of unpaid community service and 20 rehabilitation days.

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