Los Angeles Mayor branded a "Dictator" after following through on threats to cut amenities to Party Houses

Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti has been branded a “Dictator” on social media for following through on his threat to cut off water and electricity to homes that are being used as “Virtual Clubs” during the lockdown in LA.

Many large properties have been hosting events that contravene the social distancing imposed on registered Clubs and Venues. Earlier in the month, Garcetti said he treat these venues as businesses and cut off water and electricity to them if they abused the lockdown protocols.

In his most recent “Cut Off”, at a Hollywood Hills mansion he said “He had instructed the city to disconnect utility services at the house because its tenants had put the community at risk by hosting parties in flagrant violation of our public health orders.”

The New York Times reported that one of the property’s residents is a TikTok personality, Bryce Hall, who has made headlines with his extravagant partying.

Social Media kicked back with claims that he is “A despotic hypocrite”

American journalist Luke Rudkowski dubbed the LA mayor a “totalitarian dictator.”

Others asked why the large homeless community in LA has not been told not to congregate together in large gatherings.

LA County has nearly a quarter of a million people registered as positive for the virus, and 5300 deaths so far out of a population of 10 million people. There are reports of many people leaving the area due to tight restrictions the most prominent being  podcast host Joe Rogan who announced “that he was leaving Los Angeles for Texas, where he said he would have more freedom.”

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