Laughing killers of PC Harper launch appeals against their sentences

PC Andrew Harper’s mother called the move ‘another kick in the stomach’ as the convicted killers ask for their sentences to be reduced.

Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, – who were both seen laughing outside of court after being found not guilty of murder – have lodged applications to appeal their 13 year jail terms.

Bowers and Cole were both passengers in the car being driven by Henry Long in August last year when they dragged PC Andrew Harper to his death.

The trio were in the process of stealing a quad bike when PC Harper’s foot became caught in the rigging line and he was dragged down the street so violently that it tore his police uniform from his body.

They all faced murder charges but were found not guilty which led to cheers in the court from their families.

Bowers and Cole caught national attention as they were pictured laughing for journalists as they were led from the Old Bailey back to their prison cells.

Henry Long had already pleaded guilty to manslaughter saying he was ‘remorseful’ over the officer’s death, whilst Bowers and Cole were found guilty of manslaughter at trial.

Long, 19, was given 16 years while Bowers and Cole, both 18, were given 13 years.

Pc Harper’s mother Debbie Adlam said: “We’ve only just come through the first anniversary of Andrew’s death.

“It’s been the most painful year of my life and the trial was absolutely gruelling.

“We clearly didn’t get the justice that we all felt that we deserved – but this application to appeal both conviction and sentence is a further kick in the stomach.

“We will obviously have to leave it up to the judicial system but I’d like to think that I do not live in a country where people can be involved in taking a life whilst committing a crime and be allowed to walk away from it and serve anything other than a lengthy custodial sentence.”

Earlier this month, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed it had been asked to review the killers’ sentences after claims they are too lenient.

PC Andrew Harper had only been married to his wife Lizzie for 4 weeks and was due to go on honeymoon.


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