Landlords On Spain's Costa del Sol turn up the heat on tenants despite the current Spanish laws

Landlords on Spain’s Costa del Sol are turning up the heat on tenants as they ignore the law

On Spain’s Costa del Sol, landlords are ignoring the current laws in place since the State of Emergency and pressuring tenants for payments and threatening actions if tenants don’t move out.

Tessa Moraga is one of those tenants in Spain’s Fuengirola feeling the heat as landlords ignore the current laws in place regarding tenancies since the State of Emergency.

The current laws state in Spain that no tenants can be evicted for non-payments as the country attempts to recover financially from the pandemic, especially as so many have lost their jobs.

Tessa Moraga and her Spanish husband are currently in that situation, both having lost their jobs and whilst being perfect tenants for several years are now under pressure from their landlord.

The couple took to social media as the stress got so much and asked for advice as they told of their situation, the couple said:

“Just wondering if anyone can advise me…We have lived for 2,5 years rented apartment and never missed a bill or rent… In the look down we paid in March… Gave 300 in May and 500 2 days ago. We both have no work but I start on 2 of September. My landlord is saying we have to pay the whole 3 months by tomorrow or leave on Monday at 12 noon…or he takes us to court… We offered 300 more today that my parents have help with but doesn’t want it… Also, my Mother is trying for a loan at the bank to pay the rest of… Can they do this? ”

The law in Spain clearly states that landlords can’t evict tenants for 6 months after the State of Emergency as long as they were paid up to date prior, although landlords are using heavy-handed tactics and pressure to obtain their monies.

“Landlords here on the Costa del Sol are turning up the heat,” Jenny Fairclough told Global247news:

” I myself and many others are in the same boat, we all lost our jobs and incomes and have been waiting for an upturn, although landlords are running out of patience, mine rings 3 times a day, every day asking if I have any money to give him, he’s asked me to leave but where do I go? – I understand they have outgoings but many of us don’t have work at the moment and they need to abide by the current laws”

“Some of my friends are being seriously pressured by landlords, one has gone to the police for harassment now it’s got that bad”

Meanwhile, a landlord who didn’t wish to be named stressed its not the actions of all landlords as he told us:

” I’m a landlord and fully obeying the current regulations, the tenants I have are being fairly dealt with and I’m just taking payments that they can afford until they find employment again, the problem is the rental market on the Costa del Sol is unscrupulous in many areas and very unregulated, my advice is to sit tight and report any harassment¬†to the law – its there for a reason during these troubled times.”


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