Costa Blanca Heatwave

Spain’s Costa Blanca is set for a heatwave this weekend as temperatures to soar

Temperatures are set to soar this weekend on Spain’s Costa Blanca with a yellow warning issued by AEMET the states weather authority.

Temperatures in the shade are expected to rise to 38 degrees whilst out of the shade expected to exceed 40 degrees and could rise potentially to 43/45 degrees in certain areas.

Local ex-pats along the coast though are looking forward to the hot temperatures as Milly Tyler from Benidorm said:

“That’s my weekend sorted then, all my time will be on the beach with plenty of dips in the sea to cool off”

“It’s perfect timing really coming in for the weekend- it’s been a long week so a weekend of the hot sun is just perfect,” she said.

“Whay! that’s some good news at last” said Richard Stent, ” Something to look forward to at last – the kids and wife are going to make the most of this”

Medical services are though issuing tips and warnings against heatstroke as Costa Blanca nurse Melanie Perry advised” Plenty of water, wear plenty of skin protection and creams and try to cover the head at all times and you should be able to enjoy the heatwave and the weekend, avoiding heat and sunstroke”


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