Cher rejected when she offered to help the Post Office

After being rejected as a volunteer for the US Post Office Cher’s quest seems to have hit a brick wall.

Many celebrities have come forward to voice their concerns after panic set in when a number of states removed their post boxes altogether. However, the United States Post Service (USPS) stated that the reason behind this was they were being re-assigned to areas with a higher postal volume.

Fears were sparked earlier this year when Louis DeJoy was made Postmaster General, a former donator to the Trump campaign for president. President Trump is totally against extra funding for the USPS however, with postal voting coming up this Autumn, it looks like they will need the extra cash.

Also, with being in the grip of a pandemic, it is highly likely more people than ever will vote by post so as not to use crowded polling stations. Trump has made unsubstantiated claims that postal votes are “dangerous” and that there is the potential for “voter fraud”. Whatever the outcome, Cher will definitely not be delivering people’s mail any time soon !!

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