Spain's Malaga has highest rate of Covid-19 since outbreak began in the spring

Shock stats show 183 new cases of Covid-19 for Malaga today.

189 were recorded yesterday giving Malaga province it’s biggest caseload since the pandemic began in Spain back in February.

12 people were admitted to hospital yesterday and 6 were admitted today.

In Malaga’s hospitals there are currently 55 patients hospitalized with the virus and four of those are currently in intensive care.

In Malaga, 80% of those who contract the Covid-19 virus are able to overcome it whilst the other 20% need hospital treatment.

The province has seen 5,059 cases registered since records began this year.

In the whole of Andalusia, there are currently 221 people in hospital with 34 in intensive care.

Almeria is the worst province in the Andalusia to be hit by the virus currently with 69 people in hospital and 14 people in intensive care.




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