Spain's Coronavirus Anti Mask Ring Leader Has Been Identified By Spanish Authorities

Spain is set to enter 4,000 residents into LOCKDOWN in Villamalea as COVID-19 gets out of control

State TV in Spain,  RTVE,  have announced this lockdown has been enacted in order to curtail the most recent outbreak experienced in the locality. There has been a total of 99 cases detected in recent hours.

Located in the province of Albacete, Villamalea, 99 cases represents 2.5% of the towns population and the authourities see no other way of containing the situation without another lockdown period.

Numbers continue to rise in Spain, with fears amongst many the whole Country will have to lockdown eventually before the children go back to School and the ending of the ERTE system at the end of September.

More updates to follow as the news breaks.


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