German prosecutors say "Islamist terror attack" responsible for Berlin motorway crashes

It is suspected by German prosecutors that a series of crashes on a Berlin motorway is the responsibility of an “Islamist terror attack” carried out by a lone 30 year old man.

The suspect, in a black Opel Astra, drove into vehicles on the motorway causing injuries to six people, three of them seriously, on Tuesday evening.

The prosecutors office stated that the current state of the investigation points to the fact that it was a motivated attack by an extreme Islamic group. The suspect being questioned is of Iraqi nationality and said to be suffering from a psychological disorder.

Reporters at the scene of the pile up also said that the suspect stopped after a while and placed a box on top of his car, saying that it contained explosives. After the man was detained by police a special team safely opened the box to find only tools inside. The media also claimed that he shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is great) as he got out of his vehicle, although prosecutors and police would not confirm that this was true.

The accident closed the motorway, with long queues forming well into Wednesday. Over 300 people were stuck in their cars on the main arterial Berlin motorway and were being helped by the German Red Cross reports said.

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