Evil mother who dressed her 9 year old daughter up and let men rape her has been jailed

The woman from Australia reportedly dressed her daughter up in Playboy outfits and let men sexually assault her.

The daughter wrote the horrific details in a handwritten note to her psychologist saying she was continuously waking up to find men on top of her after her mother had given her drink which made her ‘drowsy.’

One part of the letter read: “[Mum used to] come in with friends and touch me improperly”.

The psychologist then contacted police, who launched an investigation.

The nine-year-old told authorities her mother would “be naughty” with her when she was undressed and described wearing a “Playboy outfit”.

The girl also said that her mother would restrain her by holding her hands down.

The mother allegedly told the child, “Don’t be naughty again” when she was untied.

The abuse reportedly happened in the 12 months that the girl’s father was serving time in prison.

The 41 year old mother – who hasn’t been named yet under an Australian law which prevents people being named if they still have ongoing trials – 17 offences, including rape, torture, deprivation of liberty and indecent treatment of a child under 16 and was originally bailed back but has now been found guilty of the crimes.

On Tuesday Judge David Kent of the Southport District Court in Queensland sentenced the mother to 10 years imprisonment.

Judge Kent told the mum: “Your conduct was enabling or aiding others to commit sexual acts on the complainant.

“This is extremely serious offending and… I am not particularly convinced of prospects of rehabilitation.”

The victim has been on suicide watch at a Brisbane hospital during the court case.

No men have been charged with rape.


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