Brit's on Spain's Costa del Sol NOT sending children back to school

Brit’s living on Spain’s Costa del Sol are refusing to send their children back to school even if they do open in September

Expats who reside on Spain’s Costa del Sol are stating they are not prepared to take the risk of sending their children back to school if and when they open in September as currently planned.

The cause of concern comes as Spain sees a rapid increase in Coronavirus infections in all regions, with Andalusia being amongst a region of high infection rate currently.

September is set to be a crucial month for Spain, schools returning being an important factor, as children haven’t been to school since March due to the national state of emergency and the lockdown period.

Although with numbers spiralling again in Spain, British ex-pat parents on the Costa del Sol feel it’s too much of a risk to return their children to school despite what the state says or do.

Maria Winks from Calahonda, situated on Spain’s Costa del Sol between Malaga and Marbella told Global247news how there was no way she would be returning her 2 children to a state school in Spain in September:

” There’s no way I will be sending my son and daughter back to school in Spain until the pandemic is over, my personal feeling is it’s far too early for them to return, I have to put their safety first, that’s my duty as a mother”

“Even if I was still in Birmingham I wouldn’t, it’s my opinion that sending hundreds of children to confined spaces is a totally unnecessary risk to their health during these present times”

“Numbers are rising here again rapidly and we have all the new restrictions if teenagers can’t go to a disco then how is it wise and safe to send them to school? – it makes no sense at all”

“The age rate of the virus is coming down each day, doesn’t that tell you something?” Maria questioned.

Another British ex-pat mother Louise Wilding in Los Pacos told how she had the same sentiment and how she is preparing for homeschooling:

” My children are only 9 and 7 years old, I will teach them at home as much as I can, if need be I will pay for a tutor, there’s no way I am going to release them into a classroom packed with other kids, we have seen how quickly this virus spreads, all those kids mixing each day and then returning home possibly infected and spreading it to parents and grandchildren? – it’s nowhere near the risk of it and my family will not be participating in taking any risks at all”

“Personally I feel the Spanish government will be intervening soon as delaying the start of schools, the virus is getting out of control again as many said it would after lockdown restrictions were lifted, and let’s face it it could have been far worse if we had all the holidaymakers this summer that was planned”

“It’s not just me, I have spoken to many parents in the British and Finnish communities here and many are not going to return whatever the state says” she finished.

Spain all over, not just the Costa del Sol are studying very carefully the month of September as it could become a crucial time concerning the Coronavirus and the containment of the deadly virus and it’s the same fears across Europe too.

Temperatures dropping, children returning to schools and still, no vaccination insight is causing fears to many as the governments fail to appear to rid their countries of the killer virus whilst infections resurge in numbers.

“I think the Spanish heat is containing the virus, many have said that, as we know that drops here in Spain in September, it’s not the time for children to go back to school, the country should wait and not return children so early, I won’t be following any guidelines by the Spanish, where my children are concerned, they are teenagers if they are told it’s dangerous to go to a club it’s, of course, dangerous for them to go to school or college too, I would imagine Universities would be even worse, especially in halls of residence” commented ex-teacher Barbara Windhurst in Estepona.



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