A Benidorm holiday company has avoided being struck off by Companies House In the UK whilst its accounts still remain overdue and the director says he doesn’t care

Benidorm Holidays Ltd registered with Companies House in Cardiff, UK, Company number 11078274 avoided being struck off on the 18th December 2019 after it was ordered a section 1000(3) on the 22/10/19.

The order that was published as standard in the Gazzette stated:

Benidorm Holidays Ltd were given a stay of execution but have still failed to file any accounts that remain overdue.
The files held at Companies house currently state:
Registered office address
27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX
Company status
Company type
Private limited Company
Incorporated on
23 November 2017

Accounts overdue

First accounts made up to 30 November 2018
due by 23 August 2019

Confirmation statement overdue

Next statement date 22 November 2019
due by 6 December 2019

Last statement dated 22 November 2018

The information was highlighted by a potential client as he prepared to book a holiday to Spain’s Benidorm with the company, although before paying and with the current holiday situation in place, he thought he should check the stability of the company, especially as it seemed to advertise only on social media.
Shocked at the findings, the potential customer contacted the sole director of the company a Mr David MQueen and requested when would he would be filing his accounts and highlighting that despite the Company being incorporated as far back as 2017 it couldn’t provide any financials.
 Director Mr MQueen’s reply though wasn’t what the researcher expected as he replied:
“Who cares? … haha, idiot” before removing the request from his social media page, leaving the potential holiday booker horrified at the reply.
On further research into the sole director of Benidorm Holidays Ltd, it also appears on file that he has another registered company known as Benidorm Ltd with nothing filed apart from its incorporation:
Although it doesn’t have to file accounts as per Companies House request of first accounts made up to 31 October 2020
due by 24 July 2021 for the nature of business (SIC)
  • 52290 – Other transportation support activities
  • 55100 – Hotels and similar accommodation
  • 79110 – Travel agency activities
  • 98000 – Residents property management
“I found this all very strange and it got me intrigued especially as I’m an accountant,” said the potential holiday booker.
My next step was to look into matters further, especially due to the reply from the director and his attitude of not having a care in the world.”
“I checked with ABTA and ATOL and couldn’t find any registrations with either organisation, so that meant most likely if I had paid my money and something happened to the providing company I would not be protected either, so here I was faced with a company offering holidays at low prices on social media, recently having a compulsory striking off order and still no filed accounts”
“I’m really glad I checked it out now and avoided the booking, but it left me further intrigued, something didn’t feel right, so I looked into the listed director further of the Company and contacted my contacts I have at Companies House”
” What came to light first was the director, Mr David MQueen was easily findable on a google search and I discovered he was arrested in Spain in 2013 by the Spanish police for an alleged drug ring, the article being on Teeside live “
Then there was another article in the Daily Mirror about stabbings in Benidorm, where he was quoted, but the most incredible one was an article about his Bentley car being towed away – and the article  was published on the 24th of June just before the companies accounts were due on the 23rd of August 2019, which I found extraordinary, here was a director driving a brand new Bentley motor car but couldn’t file his accounts 4 weeks later?”
“Furthermore I checked his profile page on Social Media’s Facebook where he calls himself “Dodgy Dave”:
“Hey there, I am Dave, Sleep when your dead, Live, for now, Make your self happy not others, 🙂 Always be kind,
Other Names
Kodi Benidorm
“The next revelation was that he had taken over La Tabla where often I reside in Torrox, calling it The Grill House Torrox, where he cites on his Facebook page, Katie and Dave own a total of 17 businesses across the Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol, they are excited to make the Grill House Torrox something special”
“17 businesses? I could see up to 17 listed Facebook pages but could only track two actual operational ones and despite being declared by the director as owned by Benidorm Holidays Ltd, a company with a potential strike off and no recorded accounts”
The potential holiday booker, turned researcher finalised: ” I feel I may well have had a lucky escape, I have filed to follow the accounts from Companies House and will watch to see if accounts are ever filed, or if the company does eventually get struck off”
“Not that I doubt the director will care, he certainly didn’t when I contacted him,” he said.
” I think it will be the last time I search on Facebook to buy or order something, that’s for sure -I only deal with reputable companies, I’ve also advised the tax investigators at HMRC  of my findings” he finished.
Tax Investigators Office Close To Companies House In UK
Global247news contacted Companies House in Cardiff today, to ascertain the UK laws on company ownership today as they appear different to an INC company as per the US.
An advisor told us from Companies House in the UK: ” We don’t discuss individual cases but all records are filed on our database and it’s available to the public via our website, the regulations are that if any company fails to supply registered accounting they will be struck off company house listings and become the property of the Crown”

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