A resident of California diagnosed with the Plague

El Dorado county health officials have released a statement saying that a resident living in South Lake Tahoe, California, has contracted the plague.

It is the state’s first case of the extremely infectious disease in five years they said. The plague was also known as the Black Death in the Middle Ages.

It is suspected that the person may have been bitten by a plague infected flea while walking their dog along in East central California. Whilst the investigation is ongoing, signs have been placed around the area warning people of the danger and how to prevent exposure to it.

The plague has three different variants, including bubonic, which is probably the most recognised. It is an infectious disease that can be deadly if not treated and is mainly carried by rodents. Health officials said that, in modern times, it can be treated very effectively with a course of antibiotics. It’s reported that the resident in question is under professional medical care and is recovering at home.

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