Spain's Valencia region President Ximo Puig poses for pictures without mask on whilst thousands of people fined

The Castellon constituent has come under fire for not wearing a mask whilst in public and not maintaining social distancing himself.

Opposition leader Jose Rovira has demanded that the Valencia government issue an apology to it’s citizens and said that Puig should be fined.

Rovira has accused the President of ‘not even complying with his own regulations.’

The uproar comes after a photo was published of Puig alongside friends and family by the beach huddled together without any PPE.

Valencia rules state that masks should be worn at all times when in public and on average more than 200 fines are issued per day here.

Rovira said of Puig: “There is a feeling of abandonment and negligence among the public while Puig is out there on vacation and nobody does anything.”

“It is time to show we are all equal to the law, you have to set an example.”

Opposition party members will present a complaint to the Ministry of Justice.


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