Spain's Marbella on Costa del Sol to close it's beaches from 9.30pm tonight

It comes after the area heavily populated with tourists has seen too many people grouped together and not social distancing.

Government spokesman for Marbella Felix Romero said: “All the beaches of the municipality will be closed between 9pm and 7am.”

Mr Romero added that any access to beaches in the area will be ‘strictly prohibited’ and he wants to ‘keep the beaches safe and reduce further outbreaks.’

Romero, who has been a councillor for Marbella since 1999 and works for the People’s Party states that this recommendation is from the city of Marbella and not from the Andalucian government themselves.

Marbella Mayor Angeles Munoz backed the restrictions saying ‘when safety measures become too relaxed we risk contagion.’

Barbeques and parties have also been banned from the beaches for the time being throughout the day and at night.

A public smoking ban aswell as bars and restaurants closing by 1 am have also come into effect in Marbella.

The city councillors ask residents and tourists to check their website to see which beaches are closed and for other rules and adherements.

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