Spain's Ibiza launches new festival to attract holiday makers this Autumn

To attract tourists to Ibiza, Spain this Autumn the island has launched a new festival.

The Ibiza summer season normally runs from May till October, however the Onspring-Offspring Festival serves to extend it till November 16, to prove to tourists that ibiza has more to offer than just partying in the nightclubs.

The festival will see more than 100 events take place from October 1st, run by Ibiza native Marc Rahola CEO of OD Group.

Yesterday stricter rules were enforced by the government, banning pool parties and beach parties and the new festival is to prove that Ibiza has other things offer, the festival will have sporting activities, comedy nights and art exhibitions.

Popular nightlife venue Pikes hotel, part of the Ibiza Rocks group will also be apart of the jam packed agenda alongside the Pacha Group.

Ibiza has still been fairly popular this summer season despite coronavirus, with people claiming there is a ‘different feel’ to the Island.


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