Spain's Coronavirus deaths now rise as infection increases continue to rise concerning expats on the Costa del Sol

Deaths in Spain from Cornavirus are now rising as the latest spates of infections continue to grow causing concerns to ex-pats on the Costa del Sol

As of last night, since Friday, 29 deaths have been recorded in Spain as the infection figures continue to rise.

Whilst many ex-pats on Spain’s Costa del Sol have been feeling safe, despite watching the rate of infection figures grow, fear is starting to set in as deaths now rise.

Many resident’s had not been concerned despite the rising numbers, noting that the death count was still very low and it appeared that it was the younger generation that was not getting infected.

Spain’s powers and lawmakers took action by closing down nightlife venues across the country, which was soon followed by Italy hours later.

Now though the realization of deaths is causing concerns amongst British ex-pats living on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Most ex-pats are in their mid 50’s to 70’s and felt that the virus was over for them as they lived a more “retired life” and didn’t feel they would be exposed again due to not frequenting the now locked down establishments but as the death rates climb so does the fear.

Hilary Johnson is one of those startled by the death rate count as she told Global247news:

“I’m very concerned now looking at the actual death rate on the climb, I wasn’t expecting that, I’ve been saying to everyone it’s the youngsters spreading it and not to worry, the kids aren’t so vulnerable was my feeling, but looking at the death rate climb again it looks as if they are spreading the virus to others, I’m glad though the restrictions of youth gatherings have been put in place, but it’s now becoming a concern again”

Spain’s latest recorded numbers of infections are as follows: Andalucia (1.531), Aragon (1.494), Asturias (76), Balearic Islands (270), Canary Islands (367), Cantabria (189), Castilla La Mancha (339) Castilla y Leon (462), Cataluña (2.720), Ceuta (12), Comunidad Valenciana (715), Extremadura (93), Galicia (430), Madrid (5.392), Melilla (16), Murcia (241), Navarra (312), Basque Country (1.436) and La Rioja (174).

Over the last 24 hours there have been 1,833 new confirmed cases of coronavirus and three autonomous communities have registered over 300 cases, . The new cases over the last 24 hours have been registered in: Aragon (389), Basque Country (344), Madrid (324), Andalucia (203), Cataluña (129), Galicia (92), Canary Islands (78), Navarra (60), Cantabria (48), La Rioja (36), Castilla y Leon (29), Extremadura (27), Comunidad Valenciana (21), Asturias (18), Murcia (15), Castilla La Mancha (9), Ceuta (5), Melilla (4) and the Balearic Islands (2)

“It’s not going away is it,” said concerned Bill Neal this morning, “Truthfully I thought it had and it was just a younger generation thing although when you see death counts it gets scary, I suffer from bad asthma, it’s a big concern again now” 73-year-old Bill finished.


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