Spain's Benidorm hit again as extra regulations and airline pullouts put the town on the brink

Spain’s Benidorm is hit hard again as further extra regulations applied and more airlines cancel flights putting the town on the brink of financial disaster

The most popular holiday town in Spain, Benidorm, once again is hit hard with extra sanctions placed on it and possibly leaving the town on the brink of financial disaster.

As well as all the heavy sanctions further implied by the government that hit Benidorm hardest the most, as it relies not just on tourists, but night club and discotheque revellers of the younger generation, further flight cancellations also strangle the town.

Expat traders are holding their heads in their hands after last week being in denial that extra sanctions were to be enforced.

Now, after the first set of extra regulations in the fight against the Coronavirus were brought into play, the reality is setting in hard and fast as the town that was just starting to lift its spirits- takes another hammering.

Many are now questioning if its the end of Benidorm forever as it was previously known before the COVID pandemic.

“Benidorm I don’t think will ever recover from this to get back to where it was in the past, businesses are already starting to react, making changes, for instance, hotels are already reforming and getting rid of the bigger rooms, I can see clubs and disco’s, for instance, reverting back to normal bars an restaurants too,” said business owner Phillip Paul.

“Benidorm will go upmarket which I feel long term will a good thing, the town attracts a lot of undesirables from the UK for instance, eradicating them will definitely be a positive for the town, not just tourists, ex-pats too who claim they are professional businesses when they are not”

“Benidorm will crash out financially and the town will return with an upgraded version in years to come” predicted Phil.

A trader in the area who cites his nickname as “Dodgy Dave” took to social media on Monday to say as he posted video footage of the empty town:

“Little look at Benidorm this Monday, don’t think many places can last much longer” before hearing about the further flight cancellations to which he later posted: ” Is this pandemic that bad that they destroy millions of peoples lives still?”

“Be warned all flights will soon stop as Easyjet have now confirmed they are closing 3 airports” said “Dodgy Dave” following on from his previous posts citing further restrictions as “fake news”.

Meanwhile on holiday forums such as Jet2 Holidays, Spain and mainly Benidorm appear to be the destination to avoid as potential travellers remark ” Forget Spain, forget Benidorm” as they select other destinations.

The residents in Benidorm do believe they are being strangled unnecessary from governments though both in Spain and abroad as Kevin Davies explained:

“Many around here feel the same as me, we are being restricted by political powers, whilst Benidorm to us remains safe, it should be restrictions on regions, not countries, how will it all pan out now? – I think the area is doomed If I’m totally honest, yes it will pull back one day but there is going to have to be a lot of rebuilding first now, I think the latest restrictions really are the final blow for Benidorm”


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