Spain's Anti Coronavirus Demonstrators Told By Doctors & Nurses "Come And Watch People Die"

Spanish doctors and nurses in Spain’s Madrid tells anti coronavirus demonstrators to “Come and watch people die”

As demonstrations against the Coronavirus took place on the weekend in Spain’s capital Madrid, Spanish doctors have reacted.

Belen Padilla, a doctor and the vice president of the College of Doctors of Madrid, was infuriated as she watched nearly 3,000 demonstrators take to the Spanish streets protesting about their views against Coronavirus and restrictions sanctioned on them.

During the heated demonstration, protesters all unmasked went as far as spitting at the press on occasions which led to doctors inviting them to go to a hospital and “come and watch people die”.

“To deny the scientific evidence is to be an absurd person,” continued doctor Padilla, who told local news sources that she has not only fought to save the lives of patients infected by COVID but that she was also the victim of the virus that paralyzed the entire country, including collapsing hospitals.

She also went on to say how there was a big chance of the virus striking hard in the winter months and causing yet another pandemic.

Belen Padilla

Blanca Fernández Lasquety who is the secretary of the Association of Nursing Directors (ANDE) and she invited COVID-deniers to go to hospitals to see “how people scream because they don’t want to die, how other people who are alone die, how they ask for help … “. “Nor do you have to do a lot of reflection to realize what is happening; right now there are 21 million infected in the world “, stated the nurse.

Although demonstrators plan to continue with their demonstrations with the likelihood they will spread across Spain as the rise in frustration continues.

Protester taking a banned smoke

Global247news spoke with a demonstrator who didn’t wish to be named and she said:

“The reaction from the doctors and nurses was a predictable one, words are put into their mouths by the establishment, we will continue to fight for our rights and freedom, we should not have to wear masks and follow all these hard regulations, we are planning to get far more demonstrations going all across Spain”

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