Rescue plan demanded by hoteliers on Spain's Costa Del Sol to avoid financial ruin

Hoteliers in Spain’s Malaga have demanded a rescue plan from the government to avoid losing their businesses.

During the coronavirus pandemic businesses across Spain have been struggling massively, and the new recently introduced regulations that have forced nightlife establishments to close, and now they’ve demanded a rescue plan.

Javier Frutos, president of the Malaga Mahos hospitality business association said: “We demand a rescue plan that allows companies and jobs to be saved, especially in the nightlife segment because it has been forced to close”.

He added: “the scenario of losses that we have is already quite considerable and this increases it even more, so there will be a lot of destruction of companies and jobs”

Vice President of the Board and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, has said to the hospitality sector, “you are not alone.”

Thousands of businesses have been affected in Andalusia with the new measures including the smoking ban.


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