People who break partial smoking ban in Spain's Andalusia face hefty fine

It has been announced that people breaking the partial smoking ban will be handed a fine between 100-3000 euros in Spain’s Andalusia.

In a bid to fight COVID-19 smoking within two meters of someone was made illegal, and comes with a hefty price tag if you are caught breaking the law.

Premises that are unable to permit smoking when social distancing is not possible will also face a fine.

‘You can not smoke on public roads or outdoor spaces when a minimum interpersonal distance of at least two meters cannot be maintained’ according to the decree published in the BOJA.

On a terrace of a bar, if smoking takes place, both the smoker and establishment will be held responsible. However if the establishment makes an official complaint that the smoker refused to put out the cigarette then only the smoker will face a fine.

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