Nightlife industry in Spain claim they are 'being ruined' and 'we will fight in court'

New rules across Spain have left nightclubs and late-night bars being told to shut their doors as coronavirus cases spike across the country.

Nightclubs in Spain were ordered under new decrees set up on Friday to close whilst some bars and restaurants may remain open until 1am at the most.

However, nightclub owners and other entreprenuers in the hospitality industry have portrayed their dismay and feel they are ‘being ruined.’

Some also blame the Spanish government for lack of communication with them.

“Now a new total closure is not that it puts us on the edge of the abyss, but that we are in total ruin,” said Spain NightLife’s general secretary, Joaquim Boadas, who has asked the Public Administration to “spend money to raise awareness.”

“We are going to take all the judicial measures to protect our rights and our interests in front of justice,” said Ramón Mas, head of the Barcelona discotheque federation.

“You can’t close a strategic sector of this country in this way without explaining it to entrepreneurs, without planning its future, without having agreed anything,” Mas criticised.

“It is a disrespect for the sector that we have not been told anything. It’s criminalizing nightlife.”

Mas also said that the nightclub industry accounts for 1.8% of GDP and generates 200,000 jobs across Spain.

These numbers are why it demands a “strong” rescue plan to protect the 25,000 nightlife companies.

“Measures for a sector that has been closed since March and have only opened by only 40% under brutal restrictions are incredible,” Mas said.

The Ministry of Tourism for Spain have said they will step in and help with rent whilst clubs remain shut.

“Tourism is channeling these aids. We have also been told that they will help us to extend the ERTE until the end of the year,” Joaquim Bodas said.

Bodas continued: “80% of nightlife will present in November pre-contest of creditors.

“The situation is very worrying,” he concluded.

The new laws on nightlife came into effect across Spain on Friday as over 700 new cases hit the country.

New data from the health ministry for Spain show that 49% of all the new cases for Spain are in the 15 to 34 age bracket suggesting that the law to shut nightlife is just.

The Spanish government have failed to give a statement.




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