Facebook becoming the CESSPIT of British expat society on Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca

Spain’s British ex-pat communities are claiming Facebook is becoming the cesspit of society on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca

As groups of British ex-pats live in communities on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca, residents are claiming social media channel Facebook is becoming the cesspit of community life in Spain.

British residents who took the life choice to reside on either Spain’s Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca, feel Facebook is out of control and is affecting daily life as well as causing fights and arguments which they feel are embarrassing and a poor representation of the British.

” Facebook started off as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, especially when living here in Spain,” says ex-pat Amanda Symonds based in Spain’s Benidorm.

“It’s now though become the cesspit of society as ex-pats have nothing better to do with their time and continue to publicly argue the toss and fight on the social media channel, embarrassing¬†the British especially, it’s cringeworthy stuff” she stormed

“The problem is ex-pats set up community groups, normally with the right intentions but these are now just breeding ground for ex-pat trolls with nothing better to do, they come on stating they know everything, I left Facebook the other week due to it but returned to recommend a gardener who I had used to trim my hedges as he requested it, seconds later after posting I had the “green conservatories” on trolling my recommendation!”

“Never mind the fact, the hedge was blocking my view of pulling out of the driveway to which the public pass daily, forget the safety hey! – what about ruining the area with a chopped down hedge!”

It appears Amanda isn’t the only British ex-pat with the same sentiments, as Doug Dunnagan on Spain’s Costa del Sol says:

“Facebook brings out the pondlife of society and sadly on Spain’s coasts we seem to attract them, half the issue is that of the mentality of many, we live in small communities with everyone knowing each other and that’s when the arguments and fights break out, every idiot has an opinion however low their IQ”

“The problem is in Spain especially, people who want to reinvent themselves after coming from the UK and Facebook is basically unregulated, people can say what they want, however thick they are”

“It used to be very informative, especially when I moved to the Costa del Sol 8 years ago but now it’s just full of the dregs of society ruining it for everyone, it’s only getting worse, so I have packed it in and use other mediums to stay in contact with my friends, I can’t be reading belly aching ex-pats any more” Doug finished.

Global247news took a look at the British ex-pat Facebook groups in Spain and it did appear to be OTT with spats and abuse taking place in both regions of the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca and totally unwarranted.


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