Blackpool is rocking with visitors as Spain’s Benidorm nosedives on Spain’s Costa Blanca and leads to questions amongst ex-pats in Spain over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s actions

Blackpool has recorded its highest levels of visitors for ten years whilst Spain’s Benidorm has recorded it’s worst.

According to the Director of Tourism in the UK, record numbers are being set in Blackpool as staycation holidaymakers resort to going to the iconic town whilst shying away from the likes of Spain’s party town Benidorm.

Whilst Benidorm numbers dwindle into oblivion that sees hotels closed up or less than half full, Blackpool is suffering from overbookings at both hotels and campsites.

Alan Carvill, the director for tourism told the Sun Newspaper:

“Our best measure for numbers is our car parks – they are busier than they have been for ten years.

“Normally during the summer months you would have a mixture of busy and quiet days, but now there is nothing else to do and people are booking in advance, every day seems busy.”

“You might see a week of 6,000 to 7,000 people per day, which then drops to 1,000 per day. Now it’s 2,500 every day.” he further said.

The news though has caused fury on Spain’s Costa Blanca, especially with legit business owners from Britain who are claiming that it demonstrates Prime Minister Boris Johnson had an agenda all along.

Property owner Alan Wright, who owns in excess of 60 apartments in Benidorm told Global247news:

“Those figures clearly demonstrate it was a political move all along, Benidorm has lower rates than Blackpool when it comes to Coronavirus figures but Boris jammed the travel to force Brit’s to stay at home and go to dumps like Blackpool”

“He just wanted the economy to stay at home and clearly it’s working, he’s snubbed Spain now he’s got his way and left the EU”

“People here are organising demonstration marches, but it’s not the Spanish they should be targeting, it’s the British government”


Demo Poster

” Marching on the local authorities is not the way, Downing Street should be the place,” said Alan ” The problem is though the people around here just want to blame anyone really as their businesses fail or suffer”

“It’s quite pitiful, many are playing the blame game anywhere they can, they should be directing their frustrations at the correct targets, trouble is people are not thinking straight – it’s the British government that has killed Benidorm all for their own gains” he finished.

A local “social media vocal” bingo caller though in Benidorm has a different view as he appears to blame the world for Benidorm’s failings, as he pleas for numbers to turn up:

“Hi folks
It’s time to take a stand make your voices heard let’s come together as a community and march on Sunday morning at 11 am from hotel cimbel to the town hall Benidorm. We want to gain as much support as possible and demonstrate to the local authorities the impact that the new potential restrictions will have on our Businesses. Please try and come along it’s so very important to us all and hopefully will make a difference. Mask obviously mandatory.” says Mikey Burgess

“If he thinks that’s going to make a difference he’s deranged,” said Benidorm resident David Coppel, in fact, I’m fed up of him totally spouting his claptrap, he blames everyone for the demise of Benidorm and many of us believe he’s being paid to post his ramblings, Boris Johnson and the British government finished Benidorm this year, no brainer, though that idiot bingo caller can’t see that, a march on the town hall isn’t going to make a slight bit of difference, for a start it’s closed on a Sunday!”

“Where are the brains behind that? demonstrating at an empty town hall building – that’s really going to make a difference in the global scale of things” he laughed.

” The problem is Benidorm doesn’t have the brightest sparks in town and this is just another example of that, we don’t need to be lead by the likes of bingo callers and petty crooks like his pals who thrive on cash, we need a proper organisation to challenge the British government” finished David.

Meanwhile, the sentiment in Blackpool itself is a total of a different opinion as Anna Bonner told Global247news today from her B&B on the seafront in the seaside town:

“Business has never been so good, I’m full for months not weeks, it’s about time we had a good run, hey I have no issue with Benidorm and the like, but business is business, ex-pats shouldn’t be whinging as they are over there, they can’t have it both ways! – well done Boris, that’s what I say, it’s supporting our own”







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