Arsonist could be responsible for series of fires on Spain's Costa Blanca

The fires have occurred over the last two weekends in the Marina Alta region of Costa Blanca.

On August the 8th woodland the size of 158 hectares caught on fire at Vall de la Gallinera and last weekend more fires erupted in Marina Alta.

The historical site of La Rana in Gata de Gorgos was affect with a 100 year old eucalyptus tree being destroyed.

And there were similiar fires in and around Orba, Xalo, Vall de Legaur and Falzia de Javea.

And now police detectives are saying that the incidents were too close together and similiar to be random and look to be connected.

The Valencia Emergencies department believe they are looking for a lone arsonist and advise people to keep a look out whilst they investigate.

Josep Signes, the mayor of Gata de Gorgos where the historical site was damaged said: “I believe this could be a case of arson.”

No details or description of the potential arsonist has been released yet by Valencian officials.


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