3 police officers shot by gunman in Texas - people remain hostages

Police were called to a 911 call in a residential area of Cedar Park when the suspect barricaded himself inside a home with hostages, according to police.

The responding officers were met with gunfire inside the house and three officers were hit.

Interim Police Chief Mike Harmon told reporters at the scene that a mother called police around 3:10 p.m. local time on Sunday.

The mother told Cedar Park police that her son had “kicked in the door and was acting very aggressive.”

Officers responded to the house and “were met with gunfire,” Harmon said.

Cedar Park police said on Twitter that the situation was ongoing at about 4:30 a.m. Monday and that those who live nearby should remain indoors.

Negotiators are still in talks with the suspect to “bring this to a peaceful resolution,” Harmon said.

“We do have a message for the suspect inside, and please take this to heart,” the police chief said. “We want to end this peacefully for everybody involved. For the suspect inside, for the hostages that are inside, for the officers that are on the scene, for everybody.”

“So please, if you’re listening to this, please come out and surrender yourself peacefully so we can resolve this situation tonight,” he added.

The three officers who were shot were rushed to hospital but are in a stable condition.

The three hostages are the gunman’s mother, a juvenile and another person, whose age is unknown.

Police officers remain at the scene in a bid to end it.

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