House sits in middle of motorway as owner refuses to move

A disgruntled homeowner has been putting up a fight with the local government in China for the past ten years after they wanted to compulsory purchase her home to build Haizhuyong bridge.

The Chinese woman, who is only known by her surname of Liang, and lives in the Guangdong province, would not back down so the local government decided to build it around her very small property.

The bridge now splits either side of her 40 square metre house. Liang was offered an apartment by the government but deemed it unacceptable as it was located near a morgue. It was said that after this, Liang asked for four apartments but was only offered two, which she also refused.

Local authorities even offered her a cash settlement but, again, she turned them down so her house now sits in the middle of two very busy roads. When work started on the bridge back in 2010 there were 47 homeowners that were offered relocation and they all took it, apart from Liang.

She had now become somewhat of a celebrity, with people gathering at her home to take photographs. Engineers have said that Liang’s property is quite safe in the underpass and government officials are still in talks with her. Video footage shows her property with four lanes of traffic rushing past.

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