Black activist Shaun King does U turn on Kamala Harris despite accusing her of framing his friend for murder

Online activist King said on Twitter on the 11th of August that he was proud to see a black woman chosen as nominee-Vice President.

However, two years ago King stated that his friend, Jamal Trulove, had been ‘framed for murder by Kamala Harris.’

Trulove was sentenced to 50 years to life for the murder of a friend in 2007 and spent more than six years in prison before being acquitted in a 2015 retrial after it came to light he was framed by police.

And in March 2019 the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted to approve a $13.1 million settlement.

Talking about Kamala Harris, Trulove said that Harris was present at the hearings of his case.

She reportedly announced both of the verdicts of the murder and the sentencing in his case and then Kamala allegedly locked eyes with him briefly at one of the proceedings, and seemed to “smirk,” he said.

“She wanted to be present for a celebration of a conviction,” Trulove said. “That’s what it felt like—a celebration.”

Trulove’s friend, Shaun King, who has millions of followers on social media and campaigns for equality for minority groups, said in 2018 that Trulove had been ‘framed for murder by Kamala Harris.’

He also said at the time that he would ‘never support democrats primarily because of their dismal history on criminal justice reform’ and ‘Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both helped build and advance mass incarceration.’

However, King has now done a full U-turn, saying that he was ‘incredibly proud to see a brilliant black woman as vice-president nominee.’

He also called Harris the ‘most progressive VP nominee in American history.’

The turnaround has led people to call King a ‘deep state puppet’ in relation to being an enemy of America and is accused of using his following to try and manipulate them into voting for the democrats this November.

“In 2018, I said I did not plan on endorsing either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES,” King wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

“I endorsed Bernie. I’ve been a strong critic of Biden [and] Harris on issues of justice. She has grown and evolved on policing ]and] justice. Especially this summer.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tapped Harris, a former district attorney and current senator from California, to be his running mate on Tuesday.

Jamal Trulove’s attorney, Alex Reisman, stated in a radio interview: “When we won the acquittal for Jamal for a crime that he didn’t commit, that wasn’t really justice, that was what should have happened. But when he won this verdict, I think he feels that at least some measure of justice was done for him.”

The accused police officers are now retired, and while two of them were found to have framed Jamal, the other two were found to have done no wrong by a third-party inspector.

Jamal Trulove said that being convicted for a crime he didn’t commit was his “worst nightmare”.

While in prison he witnessed an fellow inmate’s murder. Seeing the man get stabbed in the stomach was “the closest thing to dying,” said Jamal.

Trulove hasn’t commented on King’s reversal of favour towards Harris.



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