Spanish businesses to suffer more under new restrictions

On Friday 14th August the Spanish government along with local Autonomous regional governing bodies agreed on new restrictions to be bought in to place as soon as possible regarding the spike in new cases of the coronavirus.

Each individual autonomous region have been left to decide when they will implement the changes, although the Region of Murcia have decided to bring them in from today (Sunday 16th August).

Councilor of the Valencian Health Department Ana Barceló, has announced that the measures announced by the Government will come into force TUESDAY 18th August in the Valencian Community.

The implementation of these new rules will badly affect the Spanish tourist sector as bars and restaurants see changes in their opening hours and smoking laws. The minister of health, Salvador Illa, said on Friday in a press conference that there is “no set deadline” to implement these rules, however stating that “it will be done as soon as possible”.

In short, it has been agreed by all parties that bars with “cafe/bar” licenses that would normally close at 2am are now being told that they must be closed by 1am and that no new customers will be served arriving after midnight.

Bars with a “disco/pub” license that used to be able to stay open until 4am will be closed altogether until such time that it is deemed acceptable for them to re-open.

Regarding the smoking law, it is now deemed unacceptable to smoke in public places where a 2 meter distance from other members of the public cannot be maintained.

All the new rules look like they will be put into place from Tuesday 18th August. In addition to the hours changing and smoking laws, it has also been decided that only 10 people will be able to gather around a table together on terraces.

We will keep you updated on any changes that may occur as they happen.

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