Shocking video shows protester killed at march - police say he blew himself up

The partner of the protester say police shot him whilst authorities say he killed himself.

The incident, which happened in the Belarus capital Minsk on Monday, comes as protests rocked the country after people denounced the official figures that showed the authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko, in power since 1994, had won a sixth term in office.

As the man, named as Alexander Taraikovsky, approaches officers with his hands up in the air where he then falls to the ground after what appears to be a projectile shot at his chest.

Belarussian police say Taraikovsky died after being injured by a home-made explosive device he allegedly tried to hurl at the officers.

However, his widow Elena German says this is a lie.

Ms German spoke a few hours before his funeral on Saturday and feels there has been a major cover up.

She was able to visit the morgue and see his body on Friday, four days after he died. She said she did not believe he had been holding an explosive.

“There is a seam in the chest area – the hole was sewn up, but there is a black bruise; it’s small but we noticed. His hands and feet are completely intact, there are not even bruises,” she said.

“Obviously, it was a shot right in the chest.”

Activists and some media outlets insist that the now-released footage debunks the allegations that Taraikovsky had a bomb, because the available clips do not show him holding anything in his hands.

Thousands turned out for Taraikovsky’s funeral on Saturday with shouts and demands for justice.

The Belarus government have not commented on the killing but stated that the protests were outside foreigners wanting to destabilize the situation in the country the same as what is happening in the United States.


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