Popular "Eastenders" character to be written out of the show in an explosive twist

Adam Woodyatt, who plays the character of Ian Beale in Eastenders and is the soap’s longest serving actor, is to be written out when it returns to our screens in September.

He will be in the middle of a plot line that is said to have an “explosive twist”.

It is these scenes that will lead to Adam taking an extended break from future episodes. One daily newspaper reports that he might not appear in episodes for up to 10 weeks.

To avoid leaking spoilers for the show, writers are staying silent about the circumstances of the plot and what the future holds for the character.

Sources say that it could possibly be to do with his involvement of the death of Dennis, Sharon Watt’s son, in dramatic scenes shown as part of the soap’s 35th Anniversary back in February.

Woodyatt has appeared on the hugely popular program since it’s very first episode all the way back in 1985. Eastenders has not been televised since June after it used up all it’s pre-recorded episodes and filming had to stop due to the corona virus pandemic.

When it returns in September episodes will be 10 minutes shorter than normal.

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