An Australian man who had been fishing with family and friends was killed on Friday after a mackerel leapt from the sea into his boat and struck him on the chest.

The gentleman, 56, had been enjoying a day fishing in Darwin harbour when the incident occurred.

Northern Territory Police stated that the fish had leapt from the sea and hit the man in question who was rushed to the jetty where paramedics worked on him but were unable to save his life.

Police said in a statement that it would have been “hugely distressing” for the people on the boat and his family but classed it as a “freak accident”. They have asked that the man’s family are left alone to grieve and that no further comment would be made on the matter.

Jame Crane, a local fisherman, told reporters that he had heard the fish was large (40LB) and had speared into the man causing blunt trama to the chest.

He went on to say that he saw the deceased’s body laying on the jetty covered with a sheet and that it was a horrible thing to happen, although it was not unheard of. Mackerel have only been known to attack when they think people are a threat.

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