Naked man chases a wild boar through a Berlin public park

In a sad postscript to our story last week regarding the German gentleman nudist who had to chase wild boar to reclaim his belongings, Berlin authorities said on Friday that a trained marksman is to be employed to kill the wild boar who reside in the Berlin park.

The local forestry department has said that the boar are now not afraid to go near members of the public and this, in itself, poses a great risk to people using the park.

They said that they have been tracking the boar for some considerable time now. The boar that hit the headlines last week had emerged from the forest with her two cubs and meandered through the crowds to get to the Teufelsee, one of the cities many lakes, to cool off.

Katja Kammer, who works for the forestry department, said that “you have to put yourself in the boars position. The sun is hot on their dark fur so it heads for water to find relief”. The numbers of wild boar are controlled regularly in Berlin and other major German cities by regulated hunters.

A famous incident occured in 2012 in Charlottenberg, an area of Berlin, when a 265lb boar attacked and injured four people including a police officer. The female boar in question still has young with her and it is against the law to kill mother boars if their cubs are younger than 6 months old.

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