Post COVID-19 lockdown number of dogs abandoned in Spain increases 25%

Following the end of lockdown in Spain, a record number of dogs have now been abandoned.

The number of abandoned pups has increased a massive 25% since last year, according to research done by the Royal Canine Society.

In mid march the beginning of lockdown, figures have shown there was a high demand for puppies the organisation said in a statement.

Although, households after lockdown have realised they cannot afford the cost and manage the responsibility of having a pet.

Therefore pups have been abandoned in rescue centre or even worse just dumping them on the street.

People are most likely to have rushed to get dogs at the start of lockdown because Spain’s Health Minister classed dog walking as a permitted exercise.

Residents used dogs to their advantage to be able to get outside and have some freedom, and there was a 51% increase in temporary adoptions in centres.

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